October 11, 2018

New Product :: The Laptop Messenger Bag

By Avalon Romero

In the Making

Check out our short film shot by Datsu Films. A fun, in-depth look into our process, and the amount of time and dedication it took into making this bag a reality. Tough at times to balance originality and keeping our customers happy, was the main challenge, but we think we nailed it.    



We finally “buckled” down and designed a messenger bag to rival all messenger bags. Combining our key components—Durability, Minimalism, and Style—we created a hybrid case that could accommodate any lifestyle. Easily transition from biking down the main drag to business meetings in the office, with the new Laptop Messenger Bag. 



Designing the Laptop Messenger Bag took time, and not just a few months, a few years! After long hours and countless ideas, we finally landed on a style and design that we not only loved, but which we knew our customers had been asking for. A hybrid of something minimal in weight and size, but with a certain amount of refinement—to take it off the road and into the office. Using malleable leather that is soft to the touch and as durable as they come, this leather piece only stands to get better as the years go by. This is a look into the future of Make Smith as a brand in the modern era with an age old craft. 

Laptop Messenger Bag :: $550  SHOP NOW >>>