June 05, 2024


By Steven Soria

I got into leather working from growing up in my father restoration and repair shop where I watched some of the nicest leather goods come through the door. From finest Italian handbags, to the most handmade hippy bags from the seventies... I've really seen it all. So over the years I've developed a real sense of high and low. I really don't care what brand makes what design, rather, I"m more interested in how well something is executed. The lines of the particular piece matter. The quality of the leather matters to me. And, the way the item fits matters to me. I really love these leather sandals for both of these qualities. First, they look a lot like a classic flip flop (which are so annoying btw... I hate flip flops, they just sounds so annoying) but these have a similar look, but with an added design layer. The extra strap add more stability on the upper arch, and keep them from sliding off and flopping around... LOL so to speak! These are available from Todd Snyder.