Leather Sandal Making Workshop

Class dates and time: 

Saturday, October 8, 2016 - Sign up on Stace's Website here >>> 

Class description: 

Come learn to make sandals with Stace Fulwiler in Santa Barbara, CA! During 6 hours of hands-on work, you can create one of the designs on her website - deviations and modifications are always possible and encouraged! After the workshop, you will have some new skills and your self-made, custom sandals.  No prior experience is necessary; we’ll walk through the process together.  

You will also choose your heel height: either hand-made Alder wood heels that are about 1.75” high (walkable and add a little lift), or a classic low stacked-leather heel.  I'll bring many types and colors of leather for you to use, and Make Smith Leather Co. will have all the tools we will need to complete our project. 

In learning to construct your pair of sandals, you'll also learn basic leather working tips + techniques. If you would like to use your new skills to continue making sandals after this workshop, I can point you to some good resources in California.  Both men and women are welcome to attend.

Price:  $280 - Sign up on Stace's Website here >>> 

Class location:  117 West De La Guerra St Unit C, Santa Barbara CA  93101 (map)


*Children 14 and under need an adult present and everyone is required to purchase a ticket.

*No drinking. We are operating dangerous tools