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George Piperis :: Craft Cocktail Creation

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Thursday July 5th, 2018 @ 7pm

CraftTalk #1 - George Piperis, Bar Manager - Finch & Fork Restaurant, Kimpton Hotel

On the First Thursday evening in July, George Piperis will be warming up our leather workshop with a series of handmade cocktails that’ll range from a welcoming reshment to greet you off the street, into an interactive cocktail demo you can make at home, as we transition our showroom into a craft cocktail classroom. Our audience will be asked to participate; pour, stir, shake and sip. He will finish with a unique cocktail created after experiencing the strong oak tanning aroma that naturally occurs in our leather working shop. It will be traditional, rugged, and reminiscent of oak tannin cured American leather hides used in the saddlery industry for many ages.

Lite oredouves will be served and prepared by Executive Chef Peter Cham.