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The Custom Fit Belt Box is a truly unique experience. These days its very rare that someone will make something specifically to your body size. Until NOW!  In fact, we've been doing this for years. We build the belt to your specifications after taking your waist size. But the whole point of the "BELT BOX" is to share this experience in a fun way. You can give the gift of customization and choice. We'll ship you a box full of all the raw materials to make a classic belt (raw leather and buckle). Then, gift it to your buddy. They can bring it in and have it made up to just the right fit. No money exchange will happen with them, just a full experience of being catered to. They great things is, they can with out the colors when they get here. We will then build the belt specially for them within a day or two. Its that easy!


If you've been gifted a CUSTOM BELT BOX - Bring this box into Make Smith Leather Co. headquarters and they will fit you and put the hardware on, all while you enjoy a shot of bourbon. You can also choose a different color leather or change the hardware of the belt. We’ll see ya soon. So prepare yourself to enjoy the experience of custom sizing! We truly look forward to helping you look your best :)

  1. We size using a measured out leather belt to get exact belt size measuring. We measure to make sure we have it exactly right.

  2. Pick the color of the strap you would like. We stock nine colors to make certain we have what you are looking for.

  3. Pick the width of the belt you would like. We recommend a 1.25” for dress belts and a 1.5” for an everyday or workwear belt.

  4. Pick your hardware style and color. We carry 3 styles of buckles in four different hardware colors.

  5. Would you like stitching? We recommend this for our dress belts.

  6. Finally, we can emboss your initials to give your new belt an even more personalized touch.