Engagement Ring Case

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So, you're getting hitched! Why not do it with a classic luxurious style? We'd love to be part of that special moment, and we've designed something to that will help you say "I LOVE YOU" in a way that will last the test of time.

How it works:  This little case is used to house the engagement ring of your choice. Replace the solid brass ring, like the one in photo, as a strip of tucked leather locks your ring in securely. This shell shaped leather case keeps the ring safe and compact enough to slip into your pocket, ready for presentation.

- Full grain bridal leather
- Compact and unique design

- 3.5 in. wide x 2 in. high


Leather Engagement Ring Box

 Customer Testimonial:

"Amanda and I both just really value genuine people, and  people who love what they do. We love supporting small business because we come from small business families. We appreciate and value the time, effort, energy, and hard work that is put into creating. For us, having fewer “things” that mean something more, and aren’t dispensable is important. Establishing a connection beyond the product is what love, and it’s all about the experience and memory attached to “thing”.

Thank you again. It meant more than you know and we’re definitely going to use that for years and always remember what it was created for, and by who. 


-Esa & Amanda