Natalie Bartlett :: Artisan Hide Tanner

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August 2nd, 2018 @ 7pm

Natalie Bartlett has spent over the last decade of her life deeply immersed in land-based culture and has a passion for learning the stories, music and skills of peoples around the world. She is a hide tanner, craftsperson, teacher and musician, and has been song-catching and singing with the internationally acclaimed women’s vocal ensemble, KITKA, since 2014.

The art of hide tanning is a cross-cultural human legacy, one with an ancient heritage that spans across continents and lineages. We will spend time discussing history, methodology and various cultural approaches. All of the hides used Natalie's class come from reliable and sustainably harvested sources – either from California small farms, or from legally hunted deer.

Join us as Natalie shows us step by step, the traditional art of making leather by hand. She will show us photos and bring example hides that she had tanned, a deer, a goat buckskin from start to finish, rawhide, and hair on fur tanned hide.

More info: @sagebrushtannery