August 03, 2016

My solution to prevent Sciatica

By Steven Soria

First of all, what is Sciatica? According to wikipedia; Sciatica is a medical condition of pain going down the leg from the lower back. Its pretty intense, and if you've every had this condition, you know if really NO JOKE. Its basically, extremely bad back pain. For me it all began with my huge ass wallet! I was carrying around so much junk in it; old credit card receipts, plastic gift cards to places I was never going to visit, etc. Shortly after a few chiropractor visits I ditched the old brick shaped leather wallet and made myself a prototype wallet, small, minimal and could fit in my front pocket. So, no more sitting on my wallet. No removed all the clutter, migrated over to this new new clean, thing and minimal wallet, and all my back problems began to shape up. It took at least three months of stretching and rehabilitation, but I was able to cure my Sciatica. The Credit Card Sleeve is now our best selling wallet. 

 The added benefit? I stopped loosing my wallet because I didn't have to take it out of my back pocket every time I had to sit down, get in the car, etc. So I stopped leaving it around in really odd places. It now sits safely in my front pocket. 

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