November 01, 2018

New Product :: Utility Roll-Up Pouch

By Steven Soria

Intro: There is nothing more infuriating than being a craftsman in a rush with no time to pack up your essentials. So say goodbye to messy craft tools and your most prized pens or paint brushes at the bottom of a bag, and say hello to the Utility Roll-Up Pouch.  Build your ideal “on-the-go travel” kit and put an end to organizational caused headaches for good. Buy one now >>> $110


We don’t need to tell you that there is a long standing relationship between the nomadically inclined crafter and his tools. Designed with organization in mind, we crafted this all purpose pouch for those who choose to the use the world as their workspace. Whether mechanic or artist, this is a pouch with as many diverse uses as your interests. It’s your sidekick that can fit just about anywhere, so your studio is ready to go when you are.


Its equipped with 4 horizontal mount tools access loops and a extra wide pouch, Perfect for multiple pairs of scissors, a dozen or so pens, and lots of room for tools.

Examples. Artist tool roll, motorcycle tool kit, pen set, paintbrush set, miscellaneous car pouch, clutch, wallet, etc.