November 22, 2018

New Product :: Deluxe Luggage Tags

By Steven Soria


The possibility of the airport loosing our luggage, or even worse, someone else accidentally taking it is a fear we all know to well. Worry no more! Keep your luggage and information safe with our stylish, handmade leather Deluxe Luggage Tags. With a hidden, business card-sized pouch, these are the tags every traveling professional needs. Personal embossing available. Buy one now >>> $72


Our idea of the perfect luggage tag is a mixture of style and security. It was our goal to make a tag that could hide your identify but have a chic look. We made the panel just big enough for custom embossing so you have the choice of what gets seen on the outside. 


A small business card sized pouch is secured by leather privacy flap and a solid brass buckle. 

Examples. suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, briefcases, travel totes, etc.