November 22, 2017

What does leather smell like?

By Steven Soria


This question is posed to me almost everyday, so I've had a long time to think about it;  What does leather remind me of? It's the smell of an old workshop, an old saddle museums, or a luxurious car, and, just pure nostalgic feelings for the past. But most importantly, I'm reminded my craft, of the type of leather that I work with everyday. I'm reminded of a particular leather that I find to be the most beautiful to touch, to smell, and work with. This special leather is called LATIGO, which translates from Español to English as Spanish Whip. Naturally, I've found this name to be the inspiration for our first line of aromas. 

So here we are; Spanish Whip, a rugged and playful aroma roll-on oil for men with hints of tobacco flower, citrus, sandalwood and cedar meticulously blended by @mossbotanicals of Ojai, Ca from all natural ingredients. Available this week in our showroom in a very limited quantity.