Narrow Cut Leather Dress Belt - Steel Finish

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Come on folks, it’s time to take your belt game to the next level. Our narrow cut dress belt is clean, refined, and timeless - a piece designed to be passed down through generations. The belts width is an inch and a quarter, perfect to fit slacks and dress pants. We gave this piece a ton of attention because we wanted it to be truly stunning and forever lasting. It is hand cut and stitched, and waxed to have a slight sheen. The buckle choice has a wider front tip which adds just a bit more "bling" for a fancier look when trying to match a dress shoe. 

- Hand-cut from 8/9 oz. bridle leather
- Refined styled stitch
- Solid brass casted belt buckle

- Backed by the Make Smith Lifetime Guarantee (see details)

1 ¼ inch wide - fit narrow pant loops (ie. slacks, chinos, dockers, etc)

Choose a belt size that corresponds to your pant size. For odd sizes, please round-up 1 full size.  So, if your pants are a 31 inch please choose a 32 inch. For a 33 inch please choose 34 inch... so forth and so on. For a really perfect fit, please visit out Belt-Sizing Page and measure with a tape measure!

Full-grain vegetable tanned leather cattle hide.