November 19, 2014


By Steven Soria

Twenty-Four Blackbirds and Make Smith have joined forces to create the ultimate limited edition chocolate tasting gift set! This set includes a first for the chocolate world: A smoked, single origin chocolate aged on natural Veggie Tan leather. The resulting flavor profile opens strongly with oak, smoke, and leather, paving the way for a bright fruitiness midway through before tapering out into a creamy cocoa finish. This chocolate is perhaps the best compliment to Bourbon ever devised!

Also included are 2 of each of our three half-ounce single origin dark chocolate bars, and 1 of each of our large 1.4 ounce single origin bars. Tucked inside you will find cards for each of the chocolates for recording your tasting notes and a brief guide on how to taste chocolate to help you explore the full sensory experience of each single origin chocolate.

When you're done tasting, the handmade leather portfolio case will provide you with a lifetime of use, be it for refilling with chocolate to host your own chocolate tasting parties, or for filling up with picnic supplies for that perfect Spring day. Each case is hand branded with the signature Twenty-Four Blackbirds logo, gold foil embossed with the signature Make Smith logo, and backed by Make Smith's LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

This gift set is extremely limited and cab be purchased here!