Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have a store? 

No, we do not have a brick and mortar store. We are selling exclusively online and ship out our product all over the world, and to every city, in every state of the US, via UPS, or USPS mail. 

Do we offer custom goods? 

No, we do not offer customized goods. But we do offer the beautiful products that are for sale here on our website. 

Do we offer repairs or alterations? 

No, we do not offer repairs or alterations to items we did not manufacture. Additionally, we do not perform modifications, or emboss on any item(s) we did not manufacture ourselves. We do however offer repairs on items we have created. 

How do I get my Make Smith Leather Goods Repaired? 

Please send us an email using the below applet so we can discuss the Repair Authorization process.

Do we sell hardware parts, leather, or tools?

No, we do not sell hardware parts, leather hides or leather tools. We specialize in finely crafted finished leather goods for online purchase.

Phone Orders: 

Email is preferred, and is much faster. However, to schedule a phone call with us to place an order, have a general question, and/or want to check on an online order? No problem. Leave us a message and we will return your phone call as soon as we can (within 24/48 hours response time). Because of the high level call volume, priority will be given to the most relevant matters, and inquiries outside of our wheelhouse may not get a response. Please call (805) 699-6296  (10am - 5pm PST).

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