October 17, 2022

Behind the scenes - Fortuna Belt Cutter

By Steven Soria

   One of the best tools that grandpa Soria setup up here in our arsenal of leather working gear, is this wonderful Fortuna Belt Cutting machine. It really helps to make quicker and easier work of cutting the belt strips off of the large hides. Since we use such thick 9-11 Oz. vegetable tanned leather hides for our belts, they can be very difficult from being so stiff, to cut one at a time with a hand drawn leather belt cutter. So, with added leverage and motor power, we are able to slice 4-8 blanks at one time. Not to mention, the added level of precision means less wasted leather. Often times with a hand-drawn belt cutters it can be easy to veer off the coarse of cutting in a straight line which would change the width of the belt being cut, making it unsuitable with which to make a complete finished belt. Anyhow, Grandpa would be proud. He would always say,

"Work smarter, not harder."


Fortuna Leather Belt Cutter

Fortuna Leather Belt Strip Cutter

photos by Willhouse Creative