May 25, 2017

Cooper Saddlery >>>> Leather Tooling Workshop 2017

By Steven Soria

Our 2017 summer workshop program is fulling underway with leather tooling, sandal making, tote bag making and last but not least, leather belt making. Please take a look at our class schedule to see a full list of available classes. Our first class was run by Brad Cooper of Cooper Saddlery in Buellton, CA. Brad opened his shop last summer and has been hand-making saddles of the high quality American craftsmanship money can buy you. Take a look at the photos below to see Brand in action teaching an 8 student class all about leather carving, shading, casing, coloring and basket weave stamping. Its was a beautiful day in sunny Santa Barbara, watching, learning and taking part in this lost craft. 

Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper SaddleryLeather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 2Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 3Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 4